New Music & Some Progress

In my latest attempt at genre-smashing, I’m heading south for some country flavor. I’m admittedly not a big country music fan and I’m not sure how this country song came out of me, but it did and so I’m releasing it into the wild today as part of the Workin’ Progress record. It’s called “Secrets” and you can check it out in the player on the site or on my other music pages listed under links.

I want to note that the Pedal Steel Guitar was played by a really great guy aptly named PJ Steelman. You can hear his work on ReverbNation or you can check him out on Facebook as well. Drop by and let him know how you like his songs. He’s a great player and I’m honored he played on the track for me. Thanks PJ!

The other song I’m releasing today is not going to be part of the Workin’ Progress record because it’s technically a cover song. When my wife and I were first married we used to drive around and make up our own Weird Al versions of songs in the car. One that comes to mind was Chic’s “Good Times” which I turned into a song called “Good Fries”. We had just finished eating. Fast food can be inspirational, I guess.

Anyhow, this song is called “Elmo & Grover” and it’s a Weird Al version of Tommy James’ “Crimson & Clover”. It’ll be a free download on my sites, just like my cover of McCartney’s “Every Night” because who wants to deal with all those legal tangles, right? As long as I’m not making money from it, no one cares. So head over to ReverbNation or one of my other links and feel free to download this comedic parody. You can hear it on this page as well. That’s right, it’s a joke, folks. Fun. Does anyone remember laughter?

There will be more music coming. I’m always working on more songs but for now I’m trying to focus on a live band because while some of the recordings you hear on the site aren’t amazing quality, I think they’re going to be fun and really pop live.  I’ve got one old friend of mine playing bass for me and yet another old friend who is going to be the lead guitarist and double on keyboards until I find a keyboard player.  We’re going to start trying out drummers in the next two weeks and hopefully I’ll be able to start announcing some gigs. That’s where the fun is!

So enjoy the new songs and the older ones and hopefully I’ll see you out there in the fall!


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