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Lou Tambone is a musician and freelance writer from northern New Jersey.

He began playing music at an early age and kept up with it through the years, playing in various bands in the New Jersey and New York City area. He writes original, cross-genre material and plays many of the instruments himself. He can be found playing shows in the New York/New Jersey area as well as supporting other acts and performing artists in various roles. In 2015, he released the album Jerseybound which was successfully crowd-funded in its entirety on Kickstarter.

In addition to 25+ years of writing for the web for his www.starwarz.com family of sites, he’s also contributed to the following published works with plenty more on the way:

For musical booking or writing assignments, please use the contact form on the site or mail Lou directly at Lou(at)LouTambone.com.



PensEyeViewFeature/Interview at PensEyeView
July 13-14, 2011