Get Jerseybound!

It gives me great pleasure to finally announce the release of my album JERSEYBOUND!

Jerseybound was crowdfunded completely via Kickstarter, which means it was paid for by some great people on the interwebs who had enough faith in me to donate some of their hard-earned money to the cause. As of today, the album is available on most major online retailer outlets. To make it easy for you, Here are the most popular links but feel free to search your favorites.



jerseybound_backPlease give the album a listen and if like it, give it a review/like or just e-mail me with some feedback. I’m curious to hear what you all think. The album and the campaign were both a lot of hard work, but also a lot of fun. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it!

Special thanks to my friends who performed lead guitar, bass, and keyboard duties: Matt Troyano, Dave Wilson, Rob Ferraro, Steve Savona, Hannah Harel, Doug Brehm, Rick Barth, and Jim Reeber.


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