From Bayou to Abyss: Examining John Constantine, Hellblazer

Once again, I’ve teamed up with my friend Rich Handley to bring you yet another essay anthology from Sequart Organization. This time, we’re discussing everyone’s favorite occultist from DC Comics, John Constantine.

From Bayou to Abyss: Examining John Constantine, Hellblazer was released in June 2020. It’s edited by Rich Handley and Lou Tambone and contains an introduction by the one and only Jamie Delano.

Inside, you’ll be treated to essays by Ade Brown, John E. Boylan, James Chambers, Julianne Clancy, Nancy A. Collins, Brian Cronin, Joseph Dilworth Jr., Sabrina Fried, Alex Galer, Richard Gray, Robert Greenberger, Rich Handley, Robert Jeschonek, Ross Johnson, Martín A. Pérez, Draško Roganović, Frank Schildiner, Tony Simmons, Lou Tambone, John Trumbull, James Wilkinson, and Genevieve Williams. The cover is by Leah Mangue.

Whether you’re a John Constantine expert or just have a casual interest in the character, who seems to get more and more popular by the year, you won’t be disappointed in this entertaining examination that delves into all aspects of the magus from his comic appearances, to the film starring Keanu Reeves, to his animated appearances, to his television stints on shows like Legends of Tomorrow, to essays on things like the tattoo on his arse and how to properly pronounce the character’s name. There’s even a comprehensive timeline.

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